Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Top of the Monstah!

Price and I finally made it to Fenway Park this afternoon, after our game was rained out last night. Our adventure really began last night, as we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of some wicked storms and faced with a rain-out. Of course the front office took their time making any sort of call, so we quickly migrated to Boston Beer Works and snuggled up with our Haymarket Hefe Weizen and Victory Red. Tasty!

The game today started at 12:35, and since this is my usual work night, my first thought was...NO BEER? With temperatures in the upper 40s at game time I made a last minute decision.

Sam Adams...It was a gooooooood decision.

Okay, back to the game. The Sox faced up with the Detroit Tigers in the third of four games at Fenway. It was a tad chilly; I don't know what happened to sunny May! The game time temperature was 47 degrees, but we were well prepared and just too comfortable to care :) We had a spectacular view from the Green Monster seats and were more comfortable than we could ever have imagined at Fenway. Price is used to having his knees smashed against the seat in front of him, while I try to figure out how to inconspicuously mix my Captain and Coke :) No such worries on the Monstah! We had plenty of room to keep score and and more than enough room for food and premium beverages.

MMMmmmm :)

A Remy-look-a-like even made an appearance (the pics don't do him justice), but it was really confusing the drunk college guys sitting next to us!

All-in-all it was a great game. Tavares pitched a gem and we also saw Okajima(san) for the first time. He was lights out! Youk and Manny both RBI'd and we got to see Tito throw some steam at the umps for a bad dead ball call (much to Price's chagrin, he didn't call him a c--ksucker Bull Durham-style and get the heave-ho). Pap came out for the 9th and sealed the deal and just like that, the Sox win 2-1! I promise more action happened than that, although there were no home runs and no hits that really came close to the Monster.

I don't know if or when Price and I will ever have another chance to sit on the monster, but it was an experience we will always remember. It sure won't be easy going back to Fenway this Sunday (weather permitting, of course) and looking up at those seats from the bleach-ahs!


The Girl said...

Sounds like an awesome experience!And nice reporting Bev! You could be the next Hazel Mae!

bbb said...

I have one question. Where can I get a Green Monster? Also, was it the usual clientèle atop the Monstah? Were they same boisterous, foul-mouthed, intoxicated fans I recall from my Fenway days? Wait, that was three questions. Once again math has ruined my day!!